Disconnect during holidays


The use of technology has revolutionised the way we work. No longer do you need to be in the office to check emails – you are contactable 24/7. But what are the boundaries?


+ Do you continually check emails while you are on holidays?


+ Do you respond to work emails while you are on holidays?


+ Is it appropriate to email someone when you know they are on leave?


Before you go on holidays set your out-of-office email reply telling people you are on leave. Do not add that "you will be checking emails intermittently during this time" as it creates the expectation that you will still be responding to emails during your break.


Make a decision as to whether you will check emails and then allocate a specific time to the task – for example 30 mins each morning. After that time turn your phone off and relax, recharge and enjoy your Christmas break.

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